Eby Youth Arena

Eby Youth Arena

The 9,000-square-foot arena, completed in July 2014, features bleachers that seat 400, movable fencing and modern restrooms that are handicapped-accessible. Sound system available.

Conditions of rental:

  • Any trash cans must be emptied (cans and liners provided).
  • Any tables or chairs must be taken down and stacked.
  • The building must be swept.
  • No gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles permitted inside the building.

The building and restrooms must be cleaned after use. If not cleaned, the renter will be charged for the cleaning.
If the building fails to pass inspection after the rental, the renter will be fined.

To rent the Eby Youth Arena, call 740-852-1654, send an email to or fill out the electronic form on this page.

The Eby Youth Arena during a showJulia Brinksneader | Madison County Ohio Fair

The Eby Youth Arena during a show


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