Madison Co Fair


Madison County Ag Society Committees

Ag Society

  • Executive: Darrell Champer, Kyle Seaburn, Jodi Garrison, Joe Henry, Duane Powell, and Dave Monin
  • Finance: Jodi Garrison, director (614-588-2117)
    Darrell Champer, Kyle Seaburn, Duane Powell, Joe Henry, and Dave Monnin
  • Entertainment: George Roby, director
    Kyle Seaburn, Duane Powell, Quinton Keeran, Brock Ballah, Amy Nichols, and Brian Stonerock
  • Grounds/Rentals: Kyle Seaburn, director (614-778-2524)
    Amy Nichols, Nate Morrison, George Roby, and Joe Henry
  • Harness Horse Barns: Amy Nichols, director (740-837-0134)
    Duane Powell, George Roby, Kyle Seaburn, Dave Monin
  • Marketing/PR: Quinton Keeran, director (740-808-3381)
    Kyle Seaburn, Dave Monnin, Darrell Champer, Brian Stonerock, Brock Ballah, and Tina Seaburn 
  • Grange: Dave Monin, director  (614-361-9605)
    Kyle Seaburn, George Roby, Amy Nichols, Brian Stonerock, Les Geyman
  • Open Livestock: Joe Henry, director (740-506-1774)
    Kyle Seaburn, Quinton Keeran, Nat Morrison, and Les Geyman
  • Junior Fair: Tina Seaburn, director (740-506-3380); Savannah Brock (614-668-5273)
  • Sale Committee: Anna Henry, president (740-852-5065), Bryan Dhume, vice president (740-852-9404)



  • Entertainment: George Roby, director (614-582-6002)
  • Concessions: Kyle Seaburn, director (614-989-1717)
  • Grievance/Investigating: Darrell Champer, Joe Henry, Jodi Garrison, George Roby
  • Grange: Dave Monnin, director (614-361-9605)
  • Speed: Amy Nichols, director  (740-837-0134)
  • Camping/Parking: Kyle Seaburn (614-778-2524)
  • Protest: Darrell Champer, director (614-743-7441)
  • Open Livestock:  Joe Henry, director (740-506-1774)